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Send Bulk Emails At An Attractive Price Fast & Secure SMTP Relay Service For Your Business SMTP Plans

SMTP Relay service for Growing Business

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is essential for delivery of emails from one server to another. The emails are delivered through a series of servers to the destination. Unlike POP which is a message access agent, SMTP is a message sending agent.

Email is the best form of message delivery these days. Almost everyone has an email address making it the best way of communication for delivering critical messages. There are various companies providing email marketing services, select the best one for your business. For email marketing services, security is of utmost importance to prevent any form of breach. Since emails usually contain highly sensitive information, hence SMTP services that are secure and well maintained are the need of the hour.

Email marketing is crucial with information needing to be delivered on time. While sending bulk emails, it is essential that the bulk email services provide the required amount of support especially in case of an issue. The security also means that the user should be able to afford it. Affordable, secure and trustworthy SMTP services are important for business owners and people alike. The services should have good feedback from the existing users.

Emails are vulnerable to various threats from hackers, viruses or connectivity issues. Best email marketing companies in USA; however, ensures that the friction is reduced as much as possible and smooth delivery of emails is ensured. Be it clients or friends and family in general, having a right service provider always makes the process smoother.


Features of SMTP Server


Fast Set Up

As soon as you will subscribe to us by completing the payment protocol your service will get initiated. You don’t need to wait for more than few minutes and you can easily have access to our services


Compatible with Major Email Clients

Our SMTP servers will be compatible with all major email clients like Turbo Mailer, Max bulk Mailer, Microsoft Outlook, AMS (Advance Mass Sender), Send Blaster and many more.


SPF & DKIM Records

Increase your domain’s authority and avoid your emails from getting into spam.


High Delivery Rate

Get high deliverability rate with SMTPget’s powersul SMTP Servers.


Email Bounce and Spam Management

We will manage spam complainsts and bounces and will intimate the user about the issues so that he can manages his/her compaigns!


Dedicated IP

Get dedicated IP with SMTPget’s Server and manage your sender reputation without intervention.


100% Whitelabel Servers

The servers will be fully white labelled.


24/7 multi language Support

We are ready to assist you at anytime via call, email or skype.

Why to Choose SMTPget?


Secure & Reliable

We care for the security of emails sent by our clients therefore we use SSL features for mail sent through SMTP.


Super Fast

Our exclusive SMTP Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience!


Customer Support

We offer the best service support to our clients. Whenever you need our help we are there for you.


As soon as you make a successful payment via PayPal or Google Checkout, Payoneer, Bank transfer. Our support team will contact you for required information for setup your dedicated SMTP server. No waiting time more than 2 hours.

1. Dedicated IP
2. SPF, DKIM, DMARC Configured
3. IP Rotation( Optional)
4. Blacklisting Auto checking setup
5. SSL encoding

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