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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get an effective SMTP server?

An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is a programme that sends, receives, and routes outgoing mails between email senders and recipients. When sending an email using the SMTP, the server examines it, determines which server to send it to, and relays it to that server. The message is subsequently downloaded and placed in the recipient’s inbox by the recipient’s inbox service provider, such as Gmail or AOL.


You should know that without an SMTP server, in no case your email would reach its intended recipient. When you press the “send” button, your email is converted into a string of code and delivered to the SMTP server. The SMTP server is made to interpret that code and forward the message. The message would be lost in translation if the SMTP server was not there to handle it. Furthermore, the SMTP server checks that the outgoing email is from an active account, serving as the first line of defence in keeping spam out of your inbox. If the email cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the sender. This helps in notifying the sender that they may have entered the incorrect email address or that there are chances that the receiving server has banned their email.


There are plenty of “effective” SMTP servers existing; it all depends on your skill level, available systems, and, finally, the purpose and where you want to utilize it. Most Linux distributions include either Sendmail or Postfix, which are highly flexible and massively scalable SMTP servers. Postfix is generally the preferred mail server since the configuration files are completely human-readable, which makes it an easy task to deal with compared to the issues with Sendmail. Other reliable STMP servers include:


1. Mailgun

2. Turbo SMTP

3. Sendinblue

4. Sendpulse

5. Google SMPT

6. Pepipost

7. SendGrid

8. Pepipost

9. Mailify

10. Amazon SES

What is the best platform to send cold emails from?

There are various platforms available to send cold emails from, but you need to focus on the best. I will tell you about such platforms and analyse them to tell you that provide a diversity of services. The services that this platform should give must include the following:


  • High-value targets
  • Relatable audience
  • Email and data campaign
  • CRM integrations to update the leads or contacts based on interaction via mails
  • Personalized email body and subject

Here is a list of the software which almost provides this kind of user experience and gives the best:


Found.ly:-The best thing about them is the kind of price they provide, making it a key element of competitive edge through the pricing. But one thing that is its demerit is that they can add emails only which can be recognized via pattern recognition like [email protected].


Growlabs:-The advantages of using growlabs is that the syncing of data can be easily done due to its bilateral Salesforce integration. With a great user interface, you also get pre installed templates that the user can modify according to his/her use. The con of using it is that they don’t allow to send any of the personal emails and are restricted to email in business to business.


Autoklose:-Company industry requirements can be fairly detailed, with SIC code filters applied to specific industries/verticals. Custom fields are tailored as per your company’s needs, for example, how many times a user performed something in your app or on your website) that is capable of being retrieved from your CRM. But, its demerits include that its data covers the only US, and the body for email can’t be customized a lot and is rather rigid.


Hubsell:-The on-demand researched data is given with 20+ variables comprising category wise data per row that you may cherry choose during the approval step. With that logic, a copy may be customized depending on various category data such as gender, seniority, industry, department, and much more.


Growbots:-Usage of growbots provides you with pre-installed templates to use and modify. The user interface of the growbots is very user friendly. But there are cons of using the growbots: the customization of the content is limited to static placeholders.

How can I send 10K cold emails per day?

You should know that cold emails can prove to be one of the most reliable lead generating channels. But don’t start daydreaming, as it can only be done if you are capable of delivering those emails to your prospect’s inbox. As a result, you should know that email deliverability is the single most important determinant in deciding the successes and failures of your cold email marketing.


Suppose you can observe that your cold emails are not being delivered. In that case, creating an ideal call to action, clever subject line, or humorous yet personalized comment will not affect the marketing you are trying to do. As you begin your cold email outreach, bear in mind the many elements that might affect email deliverability and include them in your outreach approach.


One thing you need to know is that sending out 10k email is not child’s play, and it really can have a vast impact on the reputation that your cold mailing campaign holds. Although sending out this high amount of mails on a per-day basis might have either positive or negative repercussions that you in future might get to observe. 


As you know, for a successful cold mail campaign, you need to require special service providers along with other factors that affect your cold mail’s success. For sending out such a huge amount of mails on a per-day basis, you need a service provider who can aid you in achieving the target without any hurdle. One such trusted service provider for the 10k mail purpose is Clickback; along with fulfilling this purpose, it also does the following:


1. For increased deliverability, it subjects your email to a series of health and anti-spam risk tests.

2. Provides you with a diversity of email templates to use; along with that, it can help you make a campaign for yourself that is completely personalized.


Other software which can help in creating the following along with giving you a chance to send this heavy amount of mails per day:

  •  MailShake
  •  DailyMails
  •  Mail250
  •  LemList
  •  AutoKlose

What are the best email service providers for cold mailing or prospect mailing?

We all know cold emailing makes the work so much easier when we compare it with cold calling since it is a time-consuming and expensive activity, whereas cold mailing is much easier and better. It even is an excellent method for acquiring new leads and consumers. At the same time, it can be done on a large scale, enabling you to rapidly get in touch with thousands of people.


You must choose the correct email service provider if you want your cold emailing marketing to be successful. One of the best ways, as we all know, to send cold emails is with the use of appropriate tools that can aid us with the purpose. It helps the cold mails to be distinguished from the spam emails and helps from getting blacklisted. Look for one that specializes in cold emailing or promises a higher open rate with cold emails. Here is a list of Lead Generation Software and Contact List Building Software services that will assist you in identifying and accumulating leads:


Lead411:– This software helps you enable screening their leads based on expert background, as well as mass discovering and downloading of your data.


UpLead:- This one offers the appropriate email ids and extensive information to go with them. It helps you get in-depth information about the folks you’re contacting just by looking them up on these profiles provided. And, once you receive a response, you’ll get an exact idea of who they are and what they require. The software also offers email verification, which means that they can be validated in real-time when you extract business emails from the database.


Clearbit:– It has to offer a global database of B2B contacts, so you fill out the information of your user persona on the site, and it will return the contact details.


There are various other software tools in the market too which would help serve the purpose; the names include:

  •  Zerobounce
  •  NeverBounce
  •  Bouncer
  •  Prospect 
  •  Gmass 
  •  Snov 
  •  Klenty 
  •  Gmelius 
  •  Lemlist 
  •  Woodpecker 
  •   Reply  
  •   Outreach 

How do I send bulk cold emails?

Before understanding the methods to send cold emails, it is important to know the difference between spam and cold emails. While spam is a massive surge of emails directed to get delivered at a wide range of email addresses and compel people to share their personal details, cold emails are not threatening but contain pertinent information and have the target address of reaching B2B contacts. 


A cold email is an unsolicited email sent to a recipient with no prior contact. You may even call it an electronic counterpart of cold calling. Cold emailing is a type of email marketing itself but is distinct from transactional and warm emailing. But one can’t call cold email spam. But to not be called spam, certain processes need to be followed, and skipping them brings one a step closer to be flagged as spam filters as spam. 


To send mass cold emails, it is advised for you to utilize software created for such purposes. Suppose you are sending emails with an email service provider specialized in inbound marketing. In that case, it may impair your sender reputation and might in the future lead to blacklisting, so you might want to avoid the same at any cost.


Points to be kept in mind:

  • Spend wisely to obtain the email list from a trustworthy and reputable data supplier. 
  • Avoid spamming. Use a spam checker before clicking on the ‘Send’ option to keep yourself secured. 
  •  Make it a point to check if you send the emails only to the valid email addresses using an email verifier. This will prevent the chances of your account from getting blocked. 
  •  Kick-start your email account by sending mails to acquaintances, relatives, friends or anyone from whom there is a chance of getting a reply or confirmation. Enhanced communication will result in an increased deliverability rate and wide limits to send emails per day. 

Many will confuse themselves with that the cold email is the same as spam, even though the two methods are vastly different. In contrast to spam, a random blast of emails sent to a huge list of typically personal connections, cold email is always sent to a carefully focused list of business-to-business contacts. In contrast to spam, which is designed to intimidate or terrify individuals into disclosing personal information, cold email focuses on material that can look relevant and valuable to the receiver. The steps to send a cold email are as follows:


  1. The first way is to find your target audience, and to do so, you can use various sales navigators, which helps you find the target customer.
  2. While reaching out, you need to personalize your email. To do so, you can take the help of the name of a company or provide a link to a recent event; this gives your mail a high chance of reaching the inbox instead of spam.

How can I send unlimited emails every day?

Email is one of the essential ways of professional common. And, it has been like that for quite some time and not a recent time change. Emails today are one of the most important ways of commercial advertising. If someone wants to send unlimited emails daily, it signifies they are doing the same for email marketing.  


Using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email servers, a user can easily send an unlimited amount of high volume emails every day. Using such servers from the providers generally costs higher as they charge you based on the monthly plan or per email you send. But it is advised to get your SMTP server, as you will be able to send as many emails as you want, which would cost a lot less. The only money you will be spending would be the VPS (Virtual Private Server) charges for hosting the service, which would only be around $5.

What is the best bulk email sender for mass emails?

Although there are various services accessible on the Internet that you can use and which would even allow you to send limitless bulk emails to consumers. 


Since we understand the demands can be varying, you should check for the following qualities when selecting a mass email sender: 

  • Tools for managing contacts.
  • If the email delivery rate is high.
  • Automation of email and workflow.
  • Analyses in depth.
  • An email builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • WordPress integration.


One of the most useful programmes when it comes to the same is fastbulkmailer; not only can you use it to send mass emails, but it can also keep the security of your account in check while at the same time maintaining the speed.


Since you are performing email marketing or anything similar, you are bound and would need to find your clients’ email addresses. Don’t worry because it can search for you and capture email addresses from any website. Isn’t it incredible? You may obtain the email addresses of hundreds of potential consumers in a matter of seconds. This facilitates marketing. This would facilitate marketing.


Along with that, it also gives a large number of Email templates for sending mass emails. Many are not quite friendly with the content of an email, don’t worry since it will help you in how to compose a nice email. This might also be quite useful.


Since there are various reasons why someone is writing bulk mails, each one’s goals differ. 


If you’re emailing to a list of contacts who have willingly agreed to receive emails from you, moreover subscribed, then using MailChimp as a tool would be the best. They have a learning curve that is quite short, their email designer is simple to use and can create emails that are as fun or as professional as you need them to be, at the same time, they have a plethora of integrations and capabilities, and the best part is that their price tier will fit any campaign size you want. Note that they even provide a free version in the beginning when you are just getting started. Other tools which are highly efficient when it comes to bulk emails are as follows:

  1. Amazon SES
  2. SendGrid
  3. Mailjet
  4. Sendinblue
  5. Elastic Email

What's the best way to send mass emails?

Isn’t the current and the most successful tool for marketing used by large companies are emails? So, the best way to go for the same kind of marketing via emails remains a tool that allows you to send emails in bulk; these would give excellent results; however, finding a reasonable price might be difficult.


A mass email sender would help you very easily reaching out to huge groups of people. The best thing about these mass email sending tools is that they will allow you to track and even rectify issues that may influence conversion rates. If you are looking forward to not worrying about whether your campaigns reach their intended recipients. Thus it becomes very critical for a company or individual to select a reputable supplier.


If you are getting overwhelmed by the amount of information being given then, please don’t get it because trust us, mass email is nothing but cakewalk, but for you to perceive it that way, you should know that you need to imply at least these two important points while performing the same these are Ensure that you are using a reliable tool for sending out mass emails.Check all the ways to prevent yourself from getting into spam filter.


These days ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are becoming very stringent than it has ever been, their techniques and technology have dramatically improved in such a way that its spam filter algorithm can even eliminate the slightest possibility of fraud. You must know there are various measures to prevent yourself from appearing on the spam filter’s radar, which gives you several rules to follow while composing and sending emails. Here is a list of few tools that you can use to escape these radars and improve your click rates and even benefit more –

  • Sendinblue
  • Drip
  • Mailchimp
  • mailer lite
  • Mimepost
  • Mailgun


In the end, one should try to be more relevant in terms of the content while sending out the mass emails.